Activate your Manifesting POWER!

Unconscious self sabotage is the #1 reason intuitive people do not hit their goals.

Cory Michelle, Intuitive Transformation Mentor

Spend 3 hours with me and you'll walk away with a clear and activated pathway to REWIRE yourself and start manifesting the life and business of your dreams!

"While watching this class I got 3 new client enquiries out of nowhere!"   Christopher Blackwell

"Since this class it's like a heavy energy has been lifted and I feel creative again!"  Mel Mazing

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Imagine yourself manifesting every target you set with ease!

We will rewire your subconscious and set you up for a journey of success in reaching your goals!
In our 3.5 hours together you'll discover what is really holding your manifestations back AND learn
the EASY way to turn your unconscious mind into a manifesting machine!
The potent 3 step awareness process to unhook your subconscious from running your life. Then rewire to work for manifesting your desires.
The magical ancient secret that creates sustainable and LASTING results in all of your manifestation efforts.  
This is a life changer!
Have a REAL experience with a Superconscious SHIFT session that will integrate this new identity into your subconscious getting it to work FOR you.
You are designed to have everything you desire in life, let me assist you in having it all!
"The REWIRE actually feels like my brain is rewiring, wow!"  ~ Tracy Reiferschied
Cory Michelle
Intuitive Transformation Mentor
Transformaion Specalist
Hiya, I'm Cory Michelle.

I've been obsessed with creating a magical life for 20 years, and finally, after trying everything under the sun to understand how to manifest using my energy, I finally figured it out.  

Having created my dream life and a career assisting brilliant magical people every day. I would absolutely love to assist you in your journey to creating your life in a way that truly works for you.

After years of struggling, repeating patterns, living in groundhog day, I discovered a few keys that when put together create magic. Often times the people I start working with are already familiar with these keys, but they have not put them together in a way that opens the door to magical living.

In this free event, I will show you those keys and we together will open a door that has been blocked by your subconscious mind.

I cannot wait to see what opens for you!

I want you to know that every one of your visions, desires, and targets is available to you, so let's get activate your manifesting power!

Bringing your dreams alive!

Our Clients LOVE the REWIRE Sessions! 

"Rewiring your subconscious isn't hard work, it's like having epiphany after epiphany then responding as the new you!"


How long will I have access to this event?

Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

Can I share this event with my friends?

Yes!  Share away!  You can share this link: https://desireintoreality.com/rewire

How long is this class?

3.5 Hours

Is this a live class?

This class was presented live in August 2021.  The recordings are available here for you to enjoy.

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Disclaimer - This EVENT  is entirely free to attend live and will give you an experience of shifting your subconscious along with actionable steps to creating your life. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, clients with the most success use what is offered here ongoing and often work with us to support them in achieving their desired reality. At the end of the EVENT, a program will be offered for purchase TO SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR ONGOING UPGRADES.