I'm Cory Michelle and
I help magical beings bring their dreams alive!
I'm Cory Michelle and
I help magical beings bring their dreams alive!
...turn your desires into reality
Magical living is possible.
Your desires are available.
You can have this reality now.
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From the desk of Cory Michelle;

We are in a pivotal time now that is requiring the beings of higher consciousness, the ones who see the 3D matrix crumbling, and who know they are here for more. To step into their innate creation powers and leave the 3D density behind.

In the 5D realm, space of creation is effortless, miraculous, non-linear, joy-filled, magical, and potent.  But it is not without action.  

What I will share with you will resonate deeply for those who are here to create new realities, for those who have already been actively seeking to release the 3D matrix, stress, struggle and step into the creator being they are.

These 5 transmissions are an energetic activation bringing into more harmony with yourself.

Your commitment in your evolution is essential so that you stop pretending to be like everyone else.  You are not, and  I'm here to assist you in knowing that AND in stepping into bringing your dreams alive.

Welcome, enjoy the transmissions.
Cory Michelle
Energetic Mastery® Mentor
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Multilayered transmissions to activate Getting Your Magic ON!

"Infinite Possibilities" is B*llsh%t.
Learn how to tap into what is divinely yours, and create it fast.

What self-sabotage really is and how to END it with this wisdom.

These 3 secrets create magic on demand.
Truth about 'Being you' that is destroying your desires
When desire is not actualizing, do this instead immediately.

Transmissions will be delivered daily via audio, and will be available for 1 week for you to enjoy.  

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