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Rewire your subconscious so that you naturally become your future self!

Event Ticket For The Taster

"Being the Magician Of Your Reality"

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is your identity supporting you?

Discover the #1 reason desires do not actualize and the powerful process that makes sure it does!

Join me for a LIVE Experience to UNLOCK your Subconscious 
and be the magician of your reality!

Do You Know That 98% of Our Creation Power is Tucked Away 
in Our Subconscious Mind?

Who you have been is not the version of you that will turn that desire into reality.

But you DO Have it in you!

Join me for 90 minutes for a real and LIVE transformation session where you'll have an experience of using your Superconscious to transmute the frequencies of the OLD you, so that you can easily step into being the new Magician of your Reality!

During our time together you will...

Step #1 - Discover HOW to shift your brain into a Magician

Our subconscious has the power to sabotoge or to support us in fulfilling every desire.  But if you've been experiencing self sabotage, doubt, negative thoughts, or even taking massive action but not getting much momentum, your subconscious mind is set to sabotoge mode.  During section 1 of this taster we will address why this happens and what you can do about it.

Section #2 - Identify this 1 thing and anchor it into your brain

There is this trick I've been using to create my desires into reality, and it makes me feel like a magician.  I'll share with you what it is and lead you through an experience of accessing it during our time together so you can access it over and over again.  This trick to be the magician will be yours forever.

Section #3 - REWIRE your brain & the way you relate to your desires!

Have you accessed your Superconscious yet?  Our superconscious mind is powerful, and not often used.  During this SHIFT session you will have an experience of your brain being rewired for magic through this superconscious transmutation session.  
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