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What's Included?

  • ​5D Creation Guide download
  • Video and audio recordings
  • ​Group walk through of the process (so you fully understand each element)
  • ​Release of subconscious energetic blocks holding you back 
  • ​​Group Energetic Activation
  • ​SHIFT Process to reprogram your consciousness to fulfill on this desire
  • ​​Q&A: Ask your questions so that you are crystal clear 

Get Ready To:

  • Release past lifelong beliefs, regrets, failures, and unhit targets from your brain, field and past
  • Gain full spectrum clarity about your desire so it shows up
  • Ensure the potency of your desire by avoiding the 6 desire traps that ensure they don't show up
  • Remove the 3 biggest subconscious (& invisible) pitfalls many conscious creators do that kill their creations
  • ​​Be guided through the 5-Step Creation process for 5D Creation on YOUR Specific Desire
  • ​Activate the energy field of this creation from the 5D
  • SHIFT Your Subconscious & Energetic Field to Support you 24/7 (so there is no going back)
  • ​Set up your intuitive action plan

"This process has allowed me to release any doubt in my world that I cannot have exactly what I desire for my entire life! It's amazing to finally know this, I am freaking magic!!" 
- Wendi Jack, USA!

Have Questions? Contact us!

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